BREAKING: Trump Orders FCC To Shut Down MSNBC After AG Sessions Learned They Illegally…

MSNBC is in the battle of its life after a report sanctioned by Attorney General Jeff Sessions found that they illegally applied for a license renewal as a “news” source, even though less than 50 percent of their content is actual news. The renewals, due from all television news sources by the 1st of April, have been granted already to Fox, ABC, CBS and CNN but were refused to NBC and affiliate MSNBC after their clear bias against Trump had the bulk of their content disqualified as news.

 The next step will be an FCC hearing scheduled for tomorrow morning. If that is denied, Trump has ordered the FCC to seize the MSNBC studios at midnight on April 1st. By contrast, Fox News was found to be over 90 percent news while CBS and ABC News Channels hovered at just over 70 percent. CNN, which also has a serious bias, came in just over the wire at 52 percent news, even though most of that news can’t be corroborated by any other source.

In a Tweet just a few moments ago, WHOIP Director Jeff Derpinger let the media at large know that MSNBC is just the first and that CNN is lucky to have friends in high places. Newspaper and online outlets come up for renewals in May, when The New York Times and the Washington Post will need to scramble to defend their outright hatred for the truth.

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