BREAKING: Rosa Parks’ Grave Vandalized After Daughter Praises Trump

Democrats love to say they’re the party of racial tolerance, but after civil rights legend Rosa Parks’ daughter spoke out in support of Donald Trump, liberals acted like liberals and trashed her mom’s grave.

Parks is buried at the Rosa Parks Memorial Cemetery in Birmingham, Alabama and Leftists decided to get their revenge on Muriel Parks-Griffin for calling our President a “modern civil rights hero” by trashing her grave.

Vandals knocked over her headstone and sprayed the “anarchy” sign that is often seen in groups of “antifa” instigators.

The Birmingham Sheriff’s Department says that they currently have no leads on who may have done such a thing but they say that it seems to be motivated by her daughter’s passionate defense of Donald Trump.

Liberals say they’re not racist but they’re perfectly willing to attack the grave of a civil rights hero simply because her daughter is a strong independent black woman who has opinions of her own.

Shame on whoever did this. We hope they are caught, prosecuted, and locked up for the rest of their natural born lives.


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