BREAKING: Putin Just to Trump Something HUGE About Mike Flynn that Liberals Can’t Stand!

Liberals have been working around the clock to try and screw over President Trump and force him to fire Mike Flynn as National Security Advisor.

They have been CLAIMING that Flynn had an unsanctioned call with the Kremlin before inauguration day to discuss dropping the Russia sanctions when Trump took office. Putin says “NOT SO FAST!”

Today the Kremlin announced that Flynn NEVER discussed the sanctions with the Russian ambassador during their phone call! 

Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov said,

‘We have already said there have not been any such talks.’ 

Wow! But if that’s the case, that means that the phone was 100% legit and there are ZERO conflicts of interest. No wonder the Liberals don’t want anyone seeing the Russian report.

This is gonna throw a big wrench in the plans of people like Nancy Pelosi who has staked her entire career on Trump being a Russian plant or some nonsense like that.

I want to be more angry with the Democrats, but frankly they are just PITIFUL. They are in such denial over why they lost that they have literally become a party of conspiracy theorists. It’s just…SAD!

Anyways, let’s help Trump get this Shared to all his supporters on Facebook and everywhere else since we KNOW the Mainstream media will do their best to bury this.
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