BREAKING: Paul Manafort Was Leaking Trump Docs To Media The Whole Time

The FBI may have raided former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s home last month, but it wasn’t for the reason liberals think.

 Fox News reported Wednesday that agents were actually looking for evidence of leaks as part of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ investigation.

“It seems like he was the one giving information to the media for much of the campaign and even after Donald Trump was elected,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told media in a special emergency press conference. “The FBI did a wonderful job at making sure to collect the evidence before Paul could destroy it.”

 According to the FBI, Donald Trump’s frustration with leaks largely stems from (aside from their illegal nature) what he feels is a personal affront in that he trusted Manafort and was betrayed at every turn.

More than 14 terabytes of stolen documents were recovered from Manafort’s home in the raid, as well as four laptops, two desktop PCs, an iPad, three cell phones, and folders containing information he planned to leak to the press – including the President’s tax returns.

A spokesman for the Attorney General says charges against Manafort will be filed soon, but refuses to rule out treason.


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