BREAKING: Federal Judge Orders Warrant In Clinton Probe to Be Made…

Hillary Clinton lost the race for the White House and that’s obviously a good thing for the country.

However, you are mistaken if you think that means her name isn’t going to be in the news anymore.

She’s still got some loose ends that need to be tied up and we have already seen reports that the FBI is still very much looking into the dealings of her corrupt foundation.

And now, it looks like there is some new information in the Anthony Weiner/Hillary Clinton email saga.

From The Hill:

The search warrant used by the FBI to gain access to emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop that were thought to be pertinent to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server will be made public on Tuesday, unless a higher court steps in.

A federal judge on Monday ordered that the warrant and related documents be made public with redactions.

The documents will show how the FBI made its case  to search the emails for information related to the Clinton probe and could provide clues about how likely investigators believed that the documents would contain evidence of criminal action by Clinton.

Federal prosecutors had originally opposed making the documents public, but consented to unsealing the pages with redactions in a sealed filing last week.

The names of the FBI agents who worked on the case will be kept private, as will the names of other implicated individuals — likely Weiner and his estranged spouse, Huma Abedin, who’s a close Clinton confidante.

We haven’t heard the last of Hillary Clinton’s ridiculous email practices.

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